Trauma & Resilience

Most people will experience a traumatic event at some point in their lives. Car accidents, abuse or neglect, sexual assault, acts of crime, war, natural disasters, the sudden death of a loved one—these are just some of the examples of traumatic events that people may endure.

Healing and recovery from trauma varies from person to person. Some people may bounce back over time with the support of family and loved ones, while others may struggle to regain a sense of balance, safety, and security, even after the passage of time. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can develop after a traumatic experience and includes symptoms such as hypervigilance, anxiety, depression, flashbacks, sleeplessness, and suicidal thoughts.

Wherever you may be in your healing journey, our therapists are here to provide you with validation, support, and guidance to help you on a path to recovery and health. Our therapists are trained in cutting-edge treatment modalities such as Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and AEDP (Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy).  We help you to:

  • Express and make sense of your feelings and experiences

  • Develop healthy coping skills

  • Regain a sense of control and agency over your own mind and body

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