Mystical / Psychedelic Integration

Mystical experiences, in some cases brought on by psychedelic use, may be part of your healing process.

Our therapists honor the possibility that consciousness is not derived from our brains, but may be a part of something bigger. Taking a curious stance, we’re open to transcendental experiences that may be hard to share with friends and family, or you may not yet have language for.

Mystical experiences come in many forms, both positive and negative. If you’ve had positive experiences, we can reinforce the insights gained and help you to integrate this new knowledge into your everyday life. If you’ve had negative experiences, we can support you in better understanding the challenging feelings that surface. 

Additionally, if you’re wondering if psychedelics may be right for you, we can provide an assessment and education about the risks and benefits, and will support you in making an informed decision as to whether these substances may be right for you.  

DISCLAIMER: Erika Cooley Therapy does not provide psychoactive or illicit substances. We do not conduct or promote psychedelic psychotherapy outside of approved clinical trials.

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