Grief, Bereavement & Healing

If you have recently experienced a significant loss in your life, you may be struggling to make sense of your loss or having difficulty overcoming your grief. Loss is a part of the human experience, but knowing that doesn't make it easier for most of us to overcome the pain, anger, sadness, guilt, or regret we experience after a loss or the death of a loved one.  The process of grieving looks different for everyone, but our experienced team of therapists can help you process your emotions and recover from your grief.  In some cases, couples or family therapy may also be recommended to help your loved ones understand your grief, and learn how to support you during this time.

 We can help you to:

  • Accept the reality of the loss

  • Work through the pain of grief

  • Adjust to life without the object of your loss

  • Integrate your experiences so you can adapt to the loss

  • Gain a renewed sense of self

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