Erika Malm Cooley, LCSW

Owner & Director

Life is worth living when we feel authentic and genuine, and engage in meaningful relationships. The more you live in alignment with your values, and unique sense of purpose, the better you will feel.

Sadness, grief, disappointment, hurt and loss are all natural human emotions. Feeling chronically anxious, fearful, inadequate, depressed, or unlovable are not. These unrelenting feelings come from an injury (or injuries) that hasn’t healed. Regardless of where your emotional injury comes from, you can learn to regulate your reactions, heal these wounds, take care of yourself, and connect to your sense of meaning and purpose.

I work from a foundation of attachment theory—with the premise that people thrive emotionally and physically when in healthy, connected relationships. I am also informed by the burgeoning fields of research in neuroplasticity and spirituality & mental health.

In my work with individuals, couples, & families, my goal is to help you to reconnect, or connect for the first time, with your personal sense of meaning in order to carve out a life that is fulfilling. Through our work together, you can develop successful strategies to address daily challenges, and find avenues to thrive instead of merely survive in life.

I specialize in the treatment of stress and anxiety; personal and professional relationship issues; infertility, eating disorders; trauma and personality disorders. I provide family therapy for couples; parents; and adult siblings. My trainings include psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral (CBT), emotionally focused therapy (EFT), dialectical behavioral (DBT), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), and sensorimotor psychotherapy.

I have practiced Transcendental Meditation (TM) and yoga for over 20 years, and I am a Registered Yoga Teacher. I hold the strong belief that healing the mind can only happen when we tend to the whole body.

Collaborating with other committed providers (including primary medical doctors, acupuncturists, herbalists, energy workers, psychiatrists, dietitians and others), I ensure patients receive the most comprehensive and effective care possible.

Please call (212) 461-4249, or email me using the form below so we can talk more about what you're looking for and how I can help. You can also scroll down to learn more about my background.

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  • Founder and Clinical Director, Erika Cooley Therapy

  • Private Practice in New York and Los Angeles

  • Associate Clinical Director, Columbus Park Collaborative. Supervised staff clinicians, oversaw treatment plans for adult and adolescent patients, provided individual, group and family therapy.

  • Co-Founder, WiseMind DBT. Dialectical Behavioral Skills Groups for patients with eating disorders in New York and Los Angeles.

  • Attending Therapist, UCLA Neuropsychiatric Hospital Adult Eating Disorders Program. Provided individual, group and family therapy for adults with eating and co-occurring disorders.

  • Staff Clinician, UCLA Neuropsychiatric Hospital Adult Inpatient Unit. Provided individual and family therapy and education to patients with severe mental illness.

  • Staff Therapist, Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy. Provided long-term individual psychotherapy for adolescents, college students and adults.

  • Staff Therapist, Blanton-Peale Institute. Provided short-term individual and couples therapy for adults.

  • Deputy Director, Project Renewal-Tides Center. Developed a stress-reduction program for New York City public school teachers, ran yoga/stress reduction program, and trained teachers in stress reduction strategies for K-12 students.

  • Social Work Intern, St. Vincent's Hospital World Trade Center Healing Services. Provided individual and group trauma treatment to adolescents.

  • Acu-Detox Specialist, St. Vincent's World Trade Center Healing Services. Provided auricular acupuncture for the treatment of substance abuse, trauma and stress.

  • Senior Program Associate, The Aspen Institute.

    • Researched and wrote publications on poverty alleviation methods in the United States.

    • Developed and launched, an online mentoring program that connects small business owners with business mentors. Mission statement: “To help small businesses grow faster, generate more revenue, and employ more people.”

  • Marketing Manager & Founder of Community Relations Program, (an e-commerce platform founded in 1998, designed to serve the needs of small businesses entering the Internet age)

Certificate Programs and Post-Graduate Trainings


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