Postgraduate Psychotherapy Fellowship

Erika Cooley Therapy is pleased to offer a two-year, half-time, post-graduate (MSW, MHC, MFT) fellowship program in individual & family therapy. This 15-20 hour per week fellowship is a unique training opportunity for Master’s level clinicians, both in clinical practice and the business of private practice.

Erika Malm Cooley, LCSW, is the founder and director of Erika Cooley Therapy, a private practice in the Flatiron District of Manhattan dedicated to providing high quality treatment to adults and adolescents.


The clinical work will stem from a foundation in attachment theory. From there, the training will expands and connects into the ever growing fields of neuroplasticity, helping patients to re-train their brains to shift focus and thought patterns, as well as spirituality, helping patients access their innate drive for spirituality (separate from religion) as a part of the healing process.

This mix of humanism, science and spirituality will guide the treatment of patients with some of the following presentations:

  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Unipolar and Bipolar depression
  • History of trauma or PTSD
  • Eating disorders
  • Relationship issues/interpersonal challenges (personal and professional)
  • Grief/Bereavement
  • Financial issues
  • Career challenges

Fellows will receive supervision from clinicians trained in the following treatment interventions: Psychodynamic psychotherapy; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT); Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT); Sensorimotor Psychotherapy; Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR); and spiritual interventions (including psychotherapy, meditation & mindfulness practices).

This is primarily an adult-orientated practice; however, some opportunities for adolescent work may be available.


Holding the needs of our patients and the ethics of clinical practice at the forefront, fellows will learn how to set boundaries, create policies, and maximize earnings. At the end of this two-year training, graduating fellows will be equipped to create a thriving private practice.


A minimum of 15 patient sessions per week (maximum 20) is required over the course of 3 days (including Saturday, one evening until 9pm, and one morning starting at 8AM). As each fellow is building a caseload, s/he will have the opportunity to assist in writing blog posts and articles for the practice.

Fellows will receive individual and group supervision. Fellowship hours count towards licensure. A 2-year commitment is required.


  • Completion of MSW degree from a clinical MSW program (or clinical track) or a related area of study (MFTs & MHC-LPs will also be considered).
  • Two years of supervised individual adult psychotherapy experience
  •  Experience with assessment, diagnostic formulation, collaboration and consultation
  •  Personal experience as a client in psychotherapy or psychoanalysis


  • Inpatient care (either as part of training or employment)
  •  Working as a member of an interdisciplinary team (with psychiatrists, nurses, nutritionists, primary medical doctors)
  • Crisis intervention or disaster mental health, or working with individuals who have been traumatized


  • Exceptional interpersonal skills and ability to navigate collegial and patient relationships
  • Capacity for self-reflection and a curiosity about your own areas of growth and challenge
  • Strong writing skills


This is a fee-for-service position with no additional benefits.

·      The fee is $40 per psychotherapy session. The fee is $20 per hour for writing work for the practice.


Please email cover letter, CV, and 2 reference letters to Erika Malm Cooley, at