Business Coaching For Clinicians

Erika Malm Cooley offers coaching services for clinicians who are interested in starting a private practice, want to get the most out of their practice, or need help merging the clinical and business aspects of practice. With 11 years of private practice experience and a unique background of growing a practice from scratch three times in different cities, Erika provides a valuable perspective on the business of therapy. Wherever you are in your career, Erika can help you to launch, pivot, or expand your private practice.

Holding the needs of your patients and the ethics of clinical practice at the forefront, Erika can help you to set boundaries, create policies, maximize your earnings, and set up an environment that places you in the best position to thrive in your practice—and help your patients do the same in their lives.

Sessions can be booked as recurring appointments or one-time consultations by phone, FaceTime, or in person at Erika's Manhattan office.

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Clinical Fellowships

Erika hosts a limited number of training clinicians in her group practice. If you are interested in the postgraduate fellowship, please click here.