Camila de Onís, LMSW


Do you feel curious about the therapeutic process and struggle to understand parts of yourself? You're not alone. Making the decision to start, or continue therapy, offers you an opportunity to face challenges that come with life, such as recurring patterns within relationships, feelings of anxiety and depression, and general unease.

Taking a stance of curiosity and collaboration, I encourage you to explore your feelings and personal goals in a safe space. Together we can develop tools to help you engage more fully in your life, with a greater sense of well-being and purpose. 

I specialize in eating disorders and disordered eating; infertility, perinatal and postnatal issues; career changes and life transitions.I hold a Master's in Social Work from Smith College. Prior to becoming a therapist, I had a meaningful career as a writer, editor and producer for books, magazines and documentary films.

Please call (646) 661-4055, or email me using the form below so we can talk more about what you're looking for and how I can help.

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