Camila de Onís, LMSW

Every person has a unique story and a complex past. You might face recurring struggles in relationships or work, feelings of anxiety and depression, or general unease.

I believe the particular relationship that unfolds between therapist and client can create transformative change. Taking a stance of curiosity and collaboration, I welcome you to explore your feelings and personal goals in a safe space. Together, we can develop tools to help you engage more fully in your life, with a greater sense of well-being and purpose.

I hold a Master's in Social Work from Smith College, with an emphasis on psychodynamic training. Prior to becoming a therapist, I had a meaningful career as a writer, editor and producer for websites, newspapers, and documentary films.

Please call (646) 461-4619, or email me using the form below so we can talk more about what you're looking for and how I can help.

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